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by Dorothy Crouch on Aug 1, 2015
“Even as many people are still enjoying the dog days of summer, others are already preparing for the holidays. And given the increasing inclusion of pets in consumers’ gift-giving plans, that is good news for pet specialty retailers with the right plans in place to make the most of the coming yuletide selling season. Whether pet parents stuff stockings with treats or spoil animals with more lavish presents, retailers must anticipate and prepare for increased…”

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by Robert Likins on Aug 1, 2015
“While the greatest perceived threat to the pet trade and, for that matter, pet ownership is the myriad of (usually) well-intentioned animal welfare bills that are submitted at the beginning of each legislative session, we can never discount the threats that come from other quarters. As we at the Pet…”
by Mark Kalaygian on Aug 1, 2015
“When AdreAnne and Andy Tesene opened their first Two Bostons Boutique and Gourmet Bakery in Downtown Naperville, Ill., in 2005, they did so in a marketplace that was very different than it is today. Back then, it seemed like the demand for fashion-oriented pet products was on an unending upward…”
by Ed Sayres on Jul 1, 2015
“It is no surprise that the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) is known for its regulatory and legislative efforts. Our staff works year-round to track and impact proposals at all levels of government that could affect retailers’ bottom line. When I started working at PIJAC almost a year ago,…”
by Bob Vetere on Jul 1, 2015
“Those of us old enough to remember the movie The Graduate know that during the 1950s and 1960s, the most important business you could be in was plastics. It was the age in which just about anything could be made from plastic—milk bottles, children’s toys and even automobile parts. There…”