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by Alyssa Brewer on Sep 1, 2015
“With more and more owners seeing their pets as members of the family, the pet gift category has taken off. Dogs or cats often get their own stash around the holidays or treats for their birthdays, meaning pet parents are on the hunt for special items to celebrate their furry friends and broadcast their own affection for pets. All retailers have to do is make those sought-after products readily available to capitalize on the market…”

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by Maria Lange on Sep 1, 2015
“Imagine a baseball team run without data. Which shortstop should we play against a hard-throwing lefty? Which pinch hitter is our best bet with the bases loaded in the seventh inning? In a data-deprived world, the manager wanders around the dugout gathering opinions–mostly conflicting–and then just makes a decision based…”
by Stephanie A. Kaplan on Sep 1, 2015
“Motivated pet store associates outperform those who lack motivation. Motivated employees care about their performance, initiate action, collaborate with others and provide support to team members—all of which are important to the success of a retail pet business. But motivation is not always a given, so coaching from a storeowner…”
by Steve King on Sep 1, 2015
“Do schools that encourage classroom pets provide a better educational experience for their students than those that do not? The answer to that intriguing question may be close at hand, thanks to the American Humane Association and the Pet Care Trust. The two organizations recently collaborated on an extensive survey…”
by Joshua Jones on Sep 1, 2015
“Rarely will a day go by when the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) staff does not review new pieces of federal, state or local legislation that could undermine pet businesses, pet professionals or animal wellbeing.As a pet business or pet professional, you cannot afford to be left out of…”