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by Jennifer Boncy on Mar 30, 2015
“Technology touches almost every aspect of people’s lives today, so it should not be surprising that high-tech innovations are popping up in the pet world, as well. From devices that allow pet parents to stay connected to their pets while away from home to monitors that track a dog’s daily physical activities, high-tech products are increasingly in demand among pet owners. And pet product manufacturers and retailers are helping fuel the burgeoning trend.The increasing demand…”

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by Andrew Darmohraj on Mar 30, 2015
“As anyone who attended Global Pet Expo this year could probably tell, the show once again grew across all fronts—from exhibitors and new product launches to booths and attendees. The decision by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) to join forces with the Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA) to create…”
by Nora Caley on Mar 30, 2015
“Pet travel entails more than putting a dog or cat in a carrier and checking in for a flight. After all, not only do people want to take their pets on vacation, they are also bringing them to work and to run errands. Each scenario requires different products, and the…”
by Stephanie A. Kaplan on Mar 30, 2015
“With rare exception, your employees want to succeed. But when they are forced to guess what you want them to do, it is easy for them to miss the mark.When employees perform poorly, managers usually assume they lack necessary knowledge or skills. In fact, the most common reason for poor…”
by Mike Bober on Mar 30, 2015
“Every two years, we at the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) eagerly await the American Pet Produc\ts Association’s National Pet Owners Survey. This gigantic tome represents a wealth of information on pet ownership, consumer habits and other statistics that we reference when discussing the broader pet trade with elected…”