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by Andrew Hunte on Jul 1, 2014
“In 1936, an American sociologist named Robert K. Merton wrote about a recognized phenomenon in social action—the law of “unanticipated consequences.” In that article, he noted that two of the most common sources of unanticipated consequences were ignorance and error. Merton also noted that unanticipated consequences result when people are so determined to achieve certain intended consequences that they willfully ignore any likely unintended effects. The current move among some cities and states to ban…”

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by Mike Bober on Jul 1, 2014
“When it comes to legislation affecting the pet industry, there really is no downtime. Local governments meet throughout the year, and the contentious environment in Washington has resulted in several significant votes held during traditional holiday periods. Federal agencies and regulatory bodies work year-round, holding hearings and issuing rulings that…”
by Jennifer Boncy on Jul 1, 2014
“Dogs—man’s best friend—are protective, loving, endearingly needy and unquestionably deserving of people’s affection. Cats, on the other hand, with their independent nature and quiet demeanor, relate differently to humans. They have long played second fiddle to dogs, strumming their own tune to an entirely different beat.Yet, pet specialty entrepreneurs Esther…”
by Nora Caley on Jul 1, 2014
“While most dogs and cats are happy to dine on beef, chicken or fish, some pets owners seek something different. These consumers once looked to exotic proteins such as lamb, duck and salmon, and eventually those novel meats became popular enough to be considered mainstream. Today, like restaurant-goers looking for…”
by Lindsey Wojcik on Jun 1, 2014
“When Roy and Claudia Loomis came across the Cherrybrook retail booth in the dog-show circuit in 2005, Roy was looking to invest in a local business while on sabbatical from his career as a technology and management consultant. The New Jersey-based company, which was founded in 1969, was well known…”