by Jennifer Boncy on Mar 1, 2012
“Last year, it wasn’t just the economic climate giving pond product manufacturers and retailers something to fret over. Mother Nature herself seemed to be conspiring against the category, as inclement weather throughout much of the country dampened consumers’ plans to build or upgrade home ponds. While this year is still too young to predict how market conditions will play out in the pond category, manufacturers are doing what they can to increase the odds of…”

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by Edward C. Taylor on Mar 31, 2011
“The arrival of springtime means the pond season is under way. Across the country, people are spending more and more time outside in their yards, on their patios and looking at their ponds, and any pet shop that has a pond department should be fully stocked with all the paraphernalia…”
by Thomas G. Dolan on Mar 1, 2011
““Filtration systems have vastly improved over recent years,” says James Chub, national sales manager for Atlantic Water Gardens in Matua, Ohio, “mainly in terms of higher-quality filtration boxes, or skimmers, and biological filtration systems.”The main purpose of these systems, Chub explains, has been to keep leaves and other debris from…”
by Ron Chepesiuk on May 1, 2010
“The factors leading to poor water quality in ponds are constant and include poor design, overstocking and overfeeding of fish, inadequate water circulation and poor filtration. Moreover, as Michael Masterson, president of Masterson’s Garden Center Inc. and Aquatic Nursery in East Aurora, N.Y., explains. “Poor water quality leads to health…”
by Nell Miller on Mar 1, 2010
“As pondkeepers get ready for the spring season, storeowners must also do a bit of preparation. As the water gardening experts, retailers must be ready to provide pondkeeping customers with good advice and quality merchandise.When a pondkeeper begins to get ready for warmer weather, retailers should remind them to examine…”