by Curt Nuenighoff on Jul 1, 2009
“Water features enhance the beauty and tranquility of a water garden. They also provide health benefits to the pond in terms of water quality and the overall ecosystem. Fountains, spitters, waterfalls and streams provide necessary aeration, oxygenating the water and keeping fish healthy. If there is not enough water movement, oxygen levels can drop too low to sustain all of the fish. Large fish have a very high oxygen requirement due to their size, increasing…”

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by Curt Nuenighoff on Jun 1, 2009
“Maintaining a clear, healthy pond can be a challenge. But taking care of a pond doesn’t have to be a chore. Retailers can offer products and solutions that make pondkeeping fun and pleasurable for the whole family.It is important to begin with filtration. Pond filters have become much more sophisticated…”
by Curt Nuenighoff on May 1, 2009
“  This is the perfect time of year for pondkeepers to add fish to their ponds. In order to provide the healthiest fish to these hobbyists, it is important for retailers to understand what a pondkeeper is looking for in a potential dealer. They are looking for a reputable dealer…”
by Curt Nuenighoff on Apr 1, 2009
“Understanding pond filtration can be complicated for customers, particularly those new to pondkeeping. There are three important aspects that contribute to overall pond health and proper filtration. Be sure to go over these with customers to help them make the right decisions and enjoy their pond hobby all season long.Biological…”
by Curt Nuenighoff on Mar 1, 2009
“Pondkeepers always have a variety of questions  for their trusted retailers, no matter what season it is. The following is a list of frequently asked questions  about feeding pond fish that retailers can keep as a reference throughout the year:Q. Do I feed my fish during the winter?A. Fish should…”