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by Seth Mendelson on Dec 29, 2014
“There was quite a bit of noise in the business media when Sears announced its latest financial results in early December. The Hoffman Estates, Ill.-based company announced that it lost $548 million on about $7.2 billion in revenue during the most recent quarter. Those figures continue a steady trend of slowing sales and rising losses for the giant mass merchandiser, which once was the gem of American retailing. No one should be surprised. After years…”

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by Seth Mendelson on Dec 1, 2014
“How do you judge the effectiveness of a leader?In the case of an industry organization charged with helping to build sales and relationships between all parties, it is all about how well a job the person has done promoting that organization, its members and the overall industry. Fortunately, the pet…”
by Seth Mendelson on Nov 1, 2014
“Are retailers stocking too many products in their stores? In this time of unparalleled choice, can they minimize inventory—and reduce costs by a boatload—without losing shopper loyalty? Are consumers simply interested in just a few products?Interestingly, a study by a major retail research company finds that consumers are so selective…”
by Seth Mendelson on Oct 1, 2014
“The operator of a New Jersey pet shop was arrested in late August on nine counts of animal cruelty, as well as other assorted crimes, according to an article splashed on the front page of the Newark Star-Ledger recently. Government officials claimed that dogs were lying in cages with feces…”
by Seth Mendelson on Sep 1, 2014
“I received an interesting phone call from a supplier who took issue with my August column on sourcing from China. The article talked about how now may be a good time for retailers and suppliers to communicate with each other regarding concerns about the safety of products made in China…”