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by Seth Mendelson on Aug 1, 2015
“A press release came across my desk last month touting the many benefits mass retailers would get if they offered prescription pet medications at their pharmacy counter. Frankly, it makes a lot of sense. All it takes is for the pharmacist to gain a bit more knowledge about the pet side of their business, stock the right products and put up some in-store signage. The result, they say, will be a big jump in incremental…”

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by Seth Mendelson on Jun 30, 2015
“Mickey arrived in early June. He weighed in at a solid 5.8 lbs. and came with a full body of white hair. His first meal at home was a little moist chicken. He is already sleeping through the night. Mickey, of course, is a puppy. As you may have read…”
by Seth Mendelson on May 28, 2015
“My 12-year-old Westie, Cooper, had to be put down last month. He fought a courageous battle versus a lethal combination of diabetes and bladder cancer for the better part of six months. The veterinarians did all they could to extend his life but, unfortunately, the time came when it became…”
by Seth Mendelson on Apr 27, 2015
“How big is too big?Officials at Walgreens, the ubiquitous drug store chain, may have the answer for you. The company announced in April that it is closing about 200 stores this year, part of a $1-billion, cost-saving initiative. It will still leave the Deerfield, Ill.-based company with about 8,000 units…”
by Seth Mendelson on Mar 30, 2015
“I thought renting a beach house for the family down the Jersey Shore (New Jerseyans prefer to say it this way) would be a great summer vacation this year. I could get a house within a stone’s throw of the ocean, fill the fridge with some steaks, snacks and beverages,…”