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“Seth MendelsonGroup PublisherGroup Editorial Director     In editing our cover story this month, I was taken with a section deep in the article that talked about how important it is to find a store manager who has a passion for the job at hand.  Frankly, there is no substitute for it. As my dad used to say, it is easy to teach someone how to do the basic work necessary to get a job…”

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by Seth Mendelson on Jan 1, 2013
“What do you do when all that you do is no longer allowed?That is a question a lot of pet retailers are asking themselves as they are forced—usually by government regulations or local pressure—to stop selling live animals at their stores. As we discuss in this month’s cover story, retailers…”
by Seth Mendelson on Nov 1, 2012
“Have pet industry trade shows outlived their usefulness?The answer is a definite no. Fresh off of the annual Backer Christmas Show in Rosemont, Ill., last month, I can tell you that if you are not attending at least one pet industry trade show each year—you should probably be going to…”
by Seth Mendelson on Sep 1, 2012
“Watch out world. Here comes Pet Club. That was the feeling one got from talking to the partners of the privately held pet retailer as they discussed their current place in the market and where they expected to be in just a few years. These guys have big plans. And…”
by Seth Mendelson on Jul 1, 2012
“Which way is the wind blowing now?For the second time in eight months, the economy appears to be at a crucial juncture, one that could determine the fate of the retail pet industry during the vital holiday selling season. Late last year, the economy was at a similar position. Gas…”