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by Seth Mendelson on Sep 1, 2012
“Watch out world. Here comes Pet Club. That was the feeling one got from talking to the partners of the privately held pet retailer as they discussed their current place in the market and where they expected to be in just a few years. These guys have big plans. And frankly, I would not bet against them, especially after listening to their go-to-market strategies. Pet Club’s top executives are simply shooting for the moon. They…”

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by Seth Mendelson on Jul 1, 2012
“Which way is the wind blowing now?For the second time in eight months, the economy appears to be at a crucial juncture, one that could determine the fate of the retail pet industry during the vital holiday selling season. Late last year, the economy was at a similar position. Gas…”
by Seth Mendelson on May 1, 2012
“Think small.That is what more and more retailers are doing in response to changing consumer shopping habits, which are proving that bigger is not always better. Merchants ranging from Walmart and Best Buy to Petco are moving away from their traditional big-box approach to introduce store formats that cut the…”
by Seth Mendelson on Mar 1, 2012
“At the Global Pet Show this month, suppliers need to take a look at their neighbors in the booths right next to them. If many of your neighbors’ products seem too familiar, it may be time to re-evaluate your merchandise mix and come up with a product assortment that is…”
by Seth Mendelson on Dec 31, 2011
“The great debate continues. With more and more manufacturers introducing products that they claim are “natural,” the pet industry is being compelled to determine what exactly constitutes a natural product and how to make shoppers aware of these items and their benefits.This discussion rages as natural products become the buzz…”