Publisher's Perspective

by Craig Rexford on Sep 30, 2010
“There are two things I have learned from my many years in the publishing business. One is to always sleep on an idea for at least one night. The second is to bounce any concept off at least one, if not two or more, other people. By doing both of these things, I have often avoided making the wrong decision on some very important matters. Being impulsive, especially in crunch time, may sound good, but…”

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by Craig Rexford on Aug 1, 2010
“We moved offices in late June. Well, not exactly moved offices. In fact, all we did was move down the corridor about 50 feet in a corporate real estate restructuring. Just the same, moving day was not much fun. But it did give me the opportunity to go through the…”
by Craig Rexford on May 31, 2010
“What’s in a name? For those that do it right or simply get lucky, having the right name or affiliation can mean tremendous sales growth and the ability to develop a niche in a very crowded marketplace. For those who do it wrong or are unlucky, it can be a…”
by Craig M. Rexford on Apr 1, 2010
“On a stretch of a major roadway in suburban New Jersey, three pet stores have closed down over the last year or so. They closed for all the usual reasons–mainly a combination of high costs and low sales caused by too much competition in the area. That’s the bad news.…”
by Craig Rexford on Jan 30, 2010
“Have you noticed the prices of television sets recently? A good name-brand 32-inch LCD can be purchased for under $700; and, if you look around enough, maybe as low as $300 or $400. Two years ago, these same sets, perhaps not quite as good or with fewer bells and whistles,…”