Small Animals

by Debbie Ducommun on Jul 1, 2014
“It is a good time to be a pet rat, hamster, ferret or some other type of small animal. Manufacturers these days continue to improve upon the nutritional quality of the foods they produce for small animals, taking into consideration their varied needs. However, that does not negate the value of a good supplement. As more pet parents learn about the benefits of taking supplements themselves, many are seeking out similar products for their small…”

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by Debbie Ducommun on Jun 1, 2014
“Buying food for a small animal may seem as simple as purchasing a product off a shelf and then pouring some kibble into a bowl. However, small-animal experts know that there are a few things pet owners need to know when they stock up for their pets, and retailers can…”
by Debbie Ducommun on May 1, 2014
“      Today’s market offers a wide selection of litter and bedding products, with each product having particular advantages and disadvantages. With such an abundant variety of products, however, small pet owners might be confused about which one to choose. There are several ways retailers can help shoppers decide…”
by Debbie Ducommun on Apr 1, 2014
“Food dishes and water bottles are essential items that small-animal owners must buy. However, that does not mean retailers have no influence in the category. Retailers can maximize sales potential in the food dish and water bottle categories by presenting an attention-grabbing product assortment, as well as by understanding what…”
by Debbie Ducommun on Mar 1, 2014
“I recently realized something about the behavior of rats—and after being “The Rat Lady” for nearly 30 years, that’s saying something. I have a new understanding about their need to gnaw. In my living room, where I let my rats out to play in the evening, there is a futon-style…”