Small Animals

by Debbie Ducommun on Oct 1, 2014
“The Syrian hamster, sometimes also called the golden hamster, is the most popular small pet in America. The gerbil is not nearly as popular, but these two pocket pets have a lot in common and need many of the same products. Still, each has its own particular needs and preferences when it comes to habitats and living arrangements. Understanding what these needs are is key to ensuring that pet owners are getting the right supplies…”

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by Debbie Ducommun on Sep 1, 2014
“Ferret owners often say their pets have only two speeds: full speed ahead and out for the count. Ferrets are high-energy pets that love to play. Because ferrets are always on the go, they need a lot of toys to give them something to do besides get into mischief. Fortunately,…”
by Debbie Ducommun on Jul 31, 2014
“Small animals may not take up too much space all by themselves, but when it comes to small-animal habitats, it seems bigger is indeed better. Larger cages that more closely resemble a pet’s natural habitat are trending up these days. Of course, the larger the cage, the more expensive it…”
by Debbie Ducommun on Jul 1, 2014
“It is a good time to be a pet rat, hamster, ferret or some other type of small animal. Manufacturers these days continue to improve upon the nutritional quality of the foods they produce for small animals, taking into consideration their varied needs. However, that does not negate the value…”
by Debbie Ducommun on Jun 1, 2014
“Buying food for a small animal may seem as simple as purchasing a product off a shelf and then pouring some kibble into a bowl. However, small-animal experts know that there are a few things pet owners need to know when they stock up for their pets, and retailers can…”