Small Animals

by Debbie Ducommun on Feb 1, 2014
“      As tasty and nutritious as hay can be for rabbits and herbivorous rodents, pet parents should know that hay is more than just food. Although hay is not sold as food for small rodents, it can be used to give them a new experience and opportunity for play. Rats, hamsters and gerbils are all natural burrowers and enjoy the opportunity to engage in this behavior. They delight in being able to burrow…”

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by Debbie Ducommun on Jan 1, 2014
“    The pet product market seems to churn out new products for dog and cat owners by the hour, as manufacturers eagerly tap into the nation’s love affair with their canine and feline companions. But small-animal owners are no less passionate about their pets and will reward retailers that…”
by Debbie Ducommun on Dec 1, 2013
“        One of the best ways for owners to interact with their pets is to play a game. Interactive play enhances the bond between owner and pet, and it increases satisfaction and happiness for both. Fortunately, pet specialty stores are perfectly positioned to help nurture bonds between…”
by Debbie Ducommun on Nov 1, 2013
“  The popularity of ferrets as pets continues to grow. In fact, according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA) National Pet Owners Survey, the number of U.S. households that own a ferret grew by almost 73 percent between 2004 and 2012. This trend has understandably increased the demand for…”
by Debbie Ducommun on Oct 1, 2013
“    Just like all small pets, hamsters and gerbils need food, water and a habitat to live in. But those are not the only essential components to the health and happiness of these small pets. Exercise and the opportunity to use their instincts are nearly as important as shelter…”