Small Animals

by Debbie Ducommun on Oct 1, 2013
“    Just like all small pets, hamsters and gerbils need food, water and a habitat to live in. But those are not the only essential components to the health and happiness of these small pets. Exercise and the opportunity to use their instincts are nearly as important as shelter and water for these pets. Fortunately, manufacturers are producing all the essentials that pet owners need to sustain, stimulate and entertain their small animals.  …”

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by Debbie Ducommun on Sep 1, 2013
“    One of the biggest drawbacks to owning a pet is the stinky mess they often leave behind. But while animal odors are an inevitable part of living with a pet, there are a number of products designed to address this downside. And thanks to innovations from manufacturers, today’s…”
by Debbie Ducommun on Aug 1, 2013
“Finding the right habitat—whether it is for a human or an animal—can take a little trial and error. Luckily, today’s small animal-owners have many viable and cozy options at their disposal. Cage manufacturers have gone to market with a variety of cage choices that offer safety, comfort and a number…”
by Debbie Ducommun on Jul 1, 2013
“These days, millions of people are turning to nutritional supplements not only as a means of making sure they get the nutrients their diets may lack, but also as a way of preventing and treating a variety health conditions. Small-animal owners are doing the same for their pets, as manufacturers…”
by Debbie Ducommun on Jun 1, 2013
“      The old adage “you are what you eat” means more than ever these days—and it doesn’t apply to humans alone. Pet food manufacturers are offering a broader range of small animal diets, from basic to premium. They are also adding a wider variety of ingredients to boost…”