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“Pet Business: From your point of view, what does sustainability mean? Can manufacturers achieve sustainability without compromise?Samuel Cohen: Sustainability can have many meanings, and people often misinterpret it to mean just eco-friendly or “green.” The best way to understand the meaning of the term “sustainable” is to go back to the dictionary meaning at its root—sustainable is about processes which can be continued indefinitely. Good examples would be products made from renewable resources, like natural…”

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“Pet Business: How and when did flexi get started? What inspired the creation of the company?Manfred Bogdahn: In 1972, I was continually upset about having to keep my dog on a short leash. While other dog owners adjusted to the shortcomings of regular leashes, I was persistent about finding a…”
“Pet Business: What makes Jolly Pets stand out from other dog toy manufacturers? Robert Miavitz: Here at Jolly Pets, we have long been a supplier of durable dog toys for the large dog breeds. We continue to seek new and innovative ways to develop superior products for animal companions. Our…”
“PB: Elive’s focus on both the dog and aquatics categories is pretty unique. What drove this approach to product development?Ernie Katris: At Elive, new product development is not limited to one product line or category. Our office is a very dynamic place to work, where we encourage creativity, desire and…”
“Pet Business: Tell us about Vital Essentials’ approach to raw diets and treats. Lanny Viegut: At our inception in 1968, we pioneered the ALPHA Prey-Model to be the foundation of our raw diet. In combination with the ALPHA Prey-Model approach, we are committed to single-source proteins in our diets and treats.…”