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by Jennifer Boncy on Sep 1, 2015
“For a small independent company in the pet food and treats industry, being bought by mega giant Nestlé Purina has got to be a game changer. However, nearly a year and half since Purina bought Durango, Colo.-based Zuke’s, the company’s founding executives are emphatic about one thing—the 20-year-old brand remains true to its origins as an innovator of natural pet nutrition products. In fact, anyone who picks up a package of Zuke’s dog treats today…”

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“Pet Business: Why should retailers carry a good selection of raw cat foods? What are some of the advantages these diets?Tracey Hatch-Rizzi: In the raw category, cats are relatively underserved. There are many raw options for dogs, but there isn’t much of a selection of raw food for cats.Typically, the…”
by Mark Kalaygian on Aug 1, 2015
“While the humanization trend and the empty nests of Baby Boomers often get the lion’s share of credit for fueling the success that the pet care market has enjoyed in recent years, that success ultimately may not have been possible without the handful of product manufacturers that have long served…”
“Pet Business: What are some of the keys to effectively selling dog treats in the pet store?  David DeLorenzo: We believe retailer operators know this best, and we have learned a lot from some of the top operators.  Treats are often transaction building for the store, since food is a…”
“Pet Business: From your point of view, what does sustainability mean? Can manufacturers achieve sustainability without compromise?Samuel Cohen: Sustainability can have many meanings, and people often misinterpret it to mean just eco-friendly or “green.” The best way to understand the meaning of the term “sustainable” is to go back to…”