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“Pet Business: How is the market for natural health supplements for dogs? Is it growing? If so, what is driving this growth?Victoria Chuidian: The market for natural health supplements for dogs is solid and growing steadily each year. Whether consumers are realizing the cost-saving benefits in vet care or just have an increased demand for health products for home maintenance, the market for natural health supplements claims a good portion of a growing market. For…”

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“Pet Business: This year, NUPRO Pet Supplements is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Can you tell us a little about the history of the company? Janis Gianforte: About 25 years ago, I was working the horse business, training a stable of standardbred racehorses, which are the trotters and pacers. One day,…”
“Pet Business: Tell us about Protégé Biomedical and its products. What distinguishes it amoung its competitors?Susie Wuollett: Protégé Biomedical is a company that was started by my husband and me when we were in business school. We were both pursuing our MBAs and developed an idea for a hemostatic powder…”
by Mark Kalaygian on Sep 1, 2014
“Since he was seven years old, Andrew Hunte’s life has more or less revolved around puppies and dogs. It was at that age he began showing dogs—a passion he inherited from his parents. With that type of upbringing, it is no wonder that Hunte would grow up to become a…”
“Pet Business: What separates Halo, Purely for Pets and its products from other competitors in the marketplace? David Yaskulka: Halo’s company philosophy is “Be Good, Do Good.” This means we provide high-quality, nutritious and natural diets for pets, and we also “feed it forward” to less fortunate pets in shelters…”