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“Pet Business: How do single-ingredient treats and chews fit into the wholesome nutrition trend?Bill  Chilian: Single-ingredient treats and chews are leading the trend. Consumers are looking for simpler, more wholesome products as close to their chosen type of protein as possible. They don’t want something with 20 ingredients they can’t pronounce. When the ingredients panel has a single word on it, like “beef” or “elk,” it’s easy to know what you’re getting, and what you’re…”

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“       Katherine Elizabeth   Pet Business: How is the market for pet furniture? What is driving its performance?Katherine Elizabeth: The market is strong and growing. In the last in 40 years, households with pets have tripled in the U.S. With more than 164 million pet owners in 2013,…”
“          Drew Clark     Pet Business: Tell us about Resco’s latest introductions on the market, and what differentiates these products?Drew Clark: Resco has had an amazing start to the year with a number of new product introductions. We have just introduced a line of all-natural…”
by Seth Mendelson on Mar 1, 2014
“Rick Geller’s background is in law and finance, but in the few years he has been involved with the pet industry, he has quickly developed an understanding of what is needed to make his products stand out with consumers and their dogs. To make his product unique and catch a…”
“       Steven Shweky     Pet Business: Fetch…for pets! is launching the Rock Your Fur line, based on the human Rock Your Hair line by Michael O’Rourke. What makes this license a good fit for grooming products?Steven Shweky: Rock Your Fur is a fierce, fun and stylish brand…”