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“      Queny Villanueva     Pet Business: What gave you the idea to start Savvy Beast Treats? How has this relatively young enterprise progressed since you launched it?Queny Villanueva: Actually, it all started back in 1992, when I lost my first dog, Kico, to cancer. I started cooking for my second dog, Alex, who I ended up losing as well. After that, I began doing a lot of research on [food and treat]…”

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“    Pet Business: Tell us about Emerald Pet’s approach to pet treats. What sets Emerald Pet Products apart from its competitors? Glenn A. Novotny: Emerald Pet uses only the best quality U.S. ingredients and U.S. manufacturing for our Smart n’ Tasty line of natural treats and chews. We specialize…”
“      Seth MendelsonGroup PublisherGroup Editorial Director     Everyone wants a peek into the future. It is our job at Pet Business magazine to offer you a look into that crystal ball, at least as much as a business magazine can provide. Starting with this issue, Pet Business…”
“      John Hatcher     Pet Business: Tell us about EzyDog. When and how was the company started? How has it evolved since it was founded?John Hatcher: We officially launched in 2003. However, some of our products’ origins go back as far as the late 90s. My business…”
“      David Sarnowski     Pet Business: What makes Nerf a good brand for pet products? David Sarnowski: Nerf originated as an indoor-safe toy line, but over the past 50-plus years, it has evolved into a diversified global toy and game brand with sales of over $1 billion.…”