KONG Ballistic Toys
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They may look like ordinary soft and cuddly fleece-covered toys, but make no mistake – KONG’s Ballistic toys are tough and can take whatever dogs can dish out.

And now the heavy-duty design that combines the comfort of a soft plush toy with the strength and durability of ballistic nylon comes in two new shapes – Football and Cookie in medium and large, and a new medium size for the Bone.
With their multi-layer design, industrial grade nylon webbing and eight rows of stitching with heavy-duty thread, these Ballistic toys are KONG tough.

The secret to the strength of the KONG Ballistic toys is in their construction – each toy is made with two tough-as-nails interior layers and a soft yet durable outer layer.

These two interior layers are covered with a soft outer layer of cuddly fleece and all three are bound together by industrial grade nylon webbing with eight rows of stitching, creating one of the toughest and most durable soft toys on the market.

Not only are KONG’s Ballistic toys strong, but they are also squeak and float!  The interior layers are coated with polyurethane, a water-resistant coating that’s both non-toxic and environmentally-friendly, and also gentle on a dog’s teeth and gums.

The squeaker is enclosed between the Ballistic toys’ internal layers in its own nylon pouch, helping to protect it.

KONG Ballistic toys are also machine washable, so go ahead and take them along for a day at the beach, a romp at the dog park or a friendly game of tug or fetch in the back yard.