KONG Wild Knots
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Dogs love rope toys, which are great for games of tug, but they also like minimally-stuffed soft-sculpture toys for fetching, shaking, and even cuddling. KONG’s new Wild Knots bring together these two types of toys—plus a squeaker—combining them into the ultimate toy that is sure to be a hit with dogs and their owners.

The cute bird characters—red, black and white Cardinal, blue, gray and white Toucan, gold, black and turquoise Eagle and pink and white Flamingo—are colorful, vibrant, fun and attractive, but being from KONG.

They’re made for durability, with an inner series of tough knotted rope that sets them apart from other dog toys. On the outside, Wild Knots look much like other minimally-stuffed dog toys, in that they are floppy.  But pick one up and the difference is clear—the fabric on Wild Knots is super-soft and cuddly, and instead of being devoid of any stuffing like other fiberfill-free toys, they have knotted rope inside, which helps to create a varied mix of textures and chewing resistances that dogs find irresistible.

It is this knotted rope interior that makes Wild Knots an excellent tug toy as well as a chew toy, because the rope helps to absorb the stress that pulling and tugging puts on the toy, and that makes Wild Knots perfect for even the most vigorous game of tug!

But they’re also a great all-around dog toy, ideal for fetch games and to just carry around and shake, their floppy limbs will flap away, lending a real-prey feel to the toys that any dog would enjoy.  Plus, when playtime is over, the softness of Wild Knots makes them a perfect naptime buddy.