Licensed products can be a powerful sales driver, but only if retailers find the right products to connect with their specific customers. 

There aren’t many pet retailers who would have guessed that a worldwide pandemic would turn their world upside down and make e-commerce a requirement for staying in business. EarthWise Pet, however, was prepared for the turbulence. 

High-tech pet products can help owners keep their pets busy and ensure a pet’s needs are met. 

With 2020 throwing challenge after challenge at retailers, the resilience of independent pet stores across America has been on full display as they’ve shored up their business practices, adjusted to COVID protocols and provided support to their communities when it was needed most.

In many ways, the EarthWise Pet retail and service chain has been more than 40 years in the making, but its leadership has its sights firmly set on the forces that will shape the future of neighborhood pet stores.

Michael Leung, co-founder and lead product designer for Sleepypod, explains how a commitment to safety and attention to details has made the company a clear leader in the pet travel category.

Trickling down from the human market for CBD products, popularity within this care category for pets has been rapidly rising, and ellePet is ready to serve retailers with its veterinarian-backed solutions. 


There are few brands as iconic as ZippyPaws.  As the company celebrates its 10th anniversary with a warehouse expansion and a re-brand, it’s time to take a look back at the company’s resiliency and the attitude that contributed to its success.