Retailers need the right strategies for building, marketing and merchandising product sets that deliver the type of high-quality nutrition that discerning pet owners want for their animal companions.

In an increasingly eco-conscious world, pet specialty retailers can more deeply resonate with customers by boosting their sustainable business practices. 

Providing eco-friendly, more sustainable foods and treats to customers may help pet specialty retailers stay relevant in an increasingly eco-concerned world.

Cats and dogs are known for being meat eaters, but pets actually need many of the nutrients found in fruit and vegetables for a healthy, balanced diet.

High-tech pet products can help owners keep their pets busy and ensure a pet’s needs are met. 

In order to understand the best sort of clippers for groomers, we asked experts in the field to find out what clippers/trimmers they recommend.

Michael Stefanakos, chief revenue officer for FieldStack, explains how the company’s retail management solutions can drive success for pet stores in a rapidly changing marketplace.

With 2020 throwing challenge after challenge at retailers, the resilience of independent pet stores across America has been on full display as they’ve shored up their business practices, adjusted to COVID protocols and provided support to their communities when it was needed most.

The success of this Connecticut-based retailer illustrates the importance of prioritizing service over sales to build customer loyalty.

Gordon Dumesich, chief growth and marketing officer for Instinct pet foods, discusses how the brand continues to innovate pet nutrition after nearly two decades at the forefront of the raw food movement.

Karyn A. Cook, global marketing director for API, explains has how the company’s commitment to producing high-quality products and education is contributing to the revitalization of the aquarium hobby.

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