A Deeper Kind of Clean


Tell us about Thera-Clean. When/how was the company started? What is your focus? Thera-Clean was established in 2013 and was founded by Dr. James Zarowny and myself. We had taken trips over to Japan to see this technology in person after hearing that it was changing the way Japanese groomers and veterinarians were deep cleaning skin. We agreed that North American pet owners needed to know about this, so we perfected the technology (not all microbubbles are created equal) and the company—Thera-Clean Microbubbles—was born.


Our focus is to let pet owners all over North America know that there is a better way to achieve truly good, clean, healthy skin with just water.


How does Thera-Clean’s Microbubbles technology work? What makes bathing a pet with the Thera-Clean Microbubble Cleaning System better than traditional bathing techniques? Thera-Clean Microbubble Technology can deep clean the skin to a level that we couldn’t reach 20 years ago, using only water and millions of tiny, ionic bubbles. Every microbubble we produce is approximately one-third the size of a red blood cell, and there are millions upon millions of them. These special tiny bubbles carry a specific negative ionic charge that is able to get down into the dog or cat’s follicles and attach themselves to positively-charged organic materials that cause skin problems in pets (bacteria, dirt, debris, yeast, allergens, skunk oil, etc.). They then lift these materials out of the skin, naturally.


A Thera-Clean bath is basically a much deeper clean than traditional bathing techniques. Skin problems or no skin problems, traditional bathing techniques clean the coat and skin that is on top, no different than how we humans wash our own hair and skin. Thera-Clean Microbubbles go way beyond that.


We have correctly concluded that bacteria can survive deep down in the follicle and needs to come out before things get better. Products that contain anti-bacterial properties—such as medicated shampoos and conditioners—do work, but they are only getting at the bacteria at the surface level of the follicle.


What about the bacteria that is further down to the bottom? This is why we continue to see consistent reoccurring skin problems in pets.  It’s not that these products aren’t working the way they are suppose to, they just aren’t able to get to the entire problem, but rather just a small portion of it. Just like we know we need to get our own skin clean before it can get healthy, the same holds true in pets. Things aren’t going to get healthy until they get properly clean first, hence our tagline, "because CLEAN skin is HEALTHY skin."


How has Thera-Clean’s Microbubble technology been received by professional groomers? The reception has been fantastic. We now have 131 clients all over North America that offer Thera-Clean Microbubble Technology in their businesses. Of course, some people do not like change, and you’re never going to please everyone, but we have grown as a company each year in our short, six-year existence. Our clients have created a whole new revenue stream that they never had before, and we even have some clients saying that a Thera-Clean bath is the only bath they offer now.


It is finally helping solve so many cases of skin problems that groomers have been tackling for what seems like forever, but there are many more benefits to a Thera-Clean bath than just helping pets that suffer from these issues. Even for those groomers who don’t like new technologies and change, it’s hard to argue with the results our clients are achieving—that is evident all over our social media platforms and website.


It cuts down significantly on drying time, as the dermal skin bed and coat is so much cleaner and healthier. Also, groomers are selling the service as a spa feature to treat pet owners pets, especially senior pets (arthritic, hip dysplasia). The bath reduces shedding like you wouldn’t believe. And as more pet owners are asking for organic, all-natural or holistic menu options for their pets, the Thera-Clean bath provides precisely that, so grooming clients are happy.


Lastly, incorporating the Thera-Clean Microbubble Technology in a grooming business helps builds a positive relationship with local vet hospitals, as the groomer and veterinarian are now working together to help solve skin problems in pets.


What is required for groomers to incorporate Thera-Clean Microbubble Cleaning System into their salons? Is it as simple as adding a piece of equipment to their current bathing fixtures? Does it require special shampoos/conditioners? Incorporating Thera-Clean into a groomer’s business couldn’t be easier. All you need is somewhere to plug the system in, a bathing area or something that holds water to do the bath, and away you go. There are no hookups to plumbing or anything like that.


No, it doesn’t require any specialty shampoos or conditioners, as nothing goes into the Thera-Clean bath. Products do still serve their place, especially medicated products. The Thera-Clean bath actually helps facilitate therapy protocols to become more effective, so we encourage our clients to continue to use them, as we’re going to help make them work.


Should Microbubble baths be a standard feature of a salon’s grooming process, or should this be a premium service? If it’s a premium service, how should it be presented to clients? Yes, we believe so—it is the future. You could have the bath as a standard or premium service, and we help our clients on how to market it. When you’re doing things like helping regrow hair and getting pets off of drugs, that is a value added service, so charge for it. This technology cleans to a level normal baths simply cannot match, and that is what the pet owner is paying for.


What does the future hold for Thera-Clean? How will the company continue to innovate the professional grooming industry? We believe that Thera-Clean Microbubble Technology will continue to be the leader in microbubble technology in the pet industry, mainly because we get results, plain and simple. As I mentioned, not all microbubbles are created equal, and just because someone claims to make microbubbles, that does not mean they’re going to get results.   


We have heard of many groomers out there buying cheap microbubble systems from the Far East and not getting results. We will continue to educate groomers to be cautious of what they buy, as sometimes you get what you pay for. It is important to do your research. We have now discovered three microbubble companies from China, Singapore and Japan using our clients’ before/after case pictures and pawning them off as their own, giving North American groomers obviously false claims.


We are proudly made in the U.S. with North American made parts, and we are 100 percent UL safety certified as well.


Looking toward the future, we see more and more professional groomers offering Thera-Clean Microbubble baths in their businesses as more and more pet owners ask for it by name. Thera-Clean Microbubble Technology is more targeted in the prevention of skin problems, rather than continuing to treat them. This is why our clients are educating pet owners all over North America about the importance of a regular Thera-Clean bath. This is the only technology that can clean to this level, safely.  PB