Brilliant Salmon Oil Adds ADMC as Distribution Partner

Brilliant Salmon Oil by Hofseth BioCare ASA entered a distribution partnership with American Distribution and Manufacturing Company (ADMC).

Based in Minnesota, ADMC has nine locations and will distribute the growing line of the company’s pure, unrefined and gently liberated 100 percent Norwegian salmon oil to pet specialty retailers throughout the central region of the U.S., covering 17 states from Minnesota south to Texas.

"We are thrilled to be further expanding our North American distribution by partnering with American Distribution and Manufacturing Company," said Rob Johnson, vice president of sales North America for Hofseth BioCare ASA. "ADMC is a key partner that will help accelerate our growth strategy of Brilliant Salmon Oil by supporting distribution into the central region of the U.S. With a strong partner like ADMC and their commitment to bring specialty retailers a wide range of industry-leading products, services and programs at competitive prices, allowing our incredible product line to be available to even more consumers (pet parents) looking for highly-effective, human-grade solutions that deliver optimal pet health."