Coolhouse Botanics Unveils Kradle Calming Solutions

Tinkerbelle The Dog (Tink) is a pet celebrity that has more than 400,000 followers on Instagram and is a dog fashion model who has trotted the runway at Fashion Week events in NYC, Milan and Paris. Tink can get nervous from fireworks, thunderstorms and car and airline travel and pet parent and manager, Sam Carrell, uses Kradle products to mitigate stress triggers in her pup.


Coolhouse Botanics released its Kradle calming CBD solutions for dogs.

The products combine broad-spectrum CBD with the Kradle brand’s patent-pending BotaniTek formula that includes additional natural ingredients GABA, shoden ashwagandha and L-theanine. Kradle products are made with natural flavorings like chicken and beef liver, along with broad spectrum CBD from hemp that is American-grown and has no detectible THC.

Kradle solutions are available in chews, toppers and melts to meet varying needs. Each delivery option is offered with exacting potencies by dog weight in small, medium and large. 

"Everybody on the Kradle team shares a love and passion for pets and our products are purpose-built to help pet parents do everything they can to keep dogs safe, calm and happy," said Matt Scarlett, co-founder and chief executive officer, Coolhouse Botanics. "At Kradle we say, ‘Lose the stress. Love your pet’ because we believe our dogs can lead happy and stress-free lives with safe, effective and natural CBD solutions that calm them from the inside out."