Fetch...for Pets! Partners with Farouk Systems for Grooming Product Line

Fetch...for Pets! has released the extensive CHI for Dogs grooming products line in conjunction with professional hair care manufacturer Farouk Systems. The line, which includes more than 35 wet goods, styling products, and tools, is designed and formulated based on the popular human hair care brand.

CHI for Dogs grooming products are designed for ease of use and for an enhanced grooming experience. The shampoos include deep moisture, anti-itch, oatmeal, tearless puppy and shed-control formulas. Other goods in the line include deodorizing sprays, waterless shampoo, wipes and a leave-in conditioner spray. They are all paraben-free, safe for use with topical flea and tick treatments, and they are blended with a mixture of silk, soy proteins and vitamins.

Styling products include detangling, straight-coat, coif and volumizing sprays and gels, as well as pre-blow dry thermal foams and sprays for a damage-free coat. Tools and electrics in the line are ergonomically designed with non-slip handles, including brushes, combs, scissors, nail clippers and a hair dryer.

"We’ve really outdone ourselves with this beautifully designed grooming system," said Steven Shweky, president and CEO of Fetch...for Pets! "CHI For Dogs has everything a pet parent could need for a luxurious at-home grooming experience that feels effortless yet fun. We’re ecstatic about having had the opportunity to create CHI For Dogs and being able to share it with the world."

Basim Shanmi, CEO of Farouk Systems USA, said "On behalf of Farouk Systems, we look forward to working with Fetch...for Pets! to grow CHI For Dogs into a viable go-to line for pet lovers everywhere. This partnership will help to provide pet families with high-quality products and tools that will not only improve their well-being but will give them peace of mind that they are purchasing the very best."