Pet Industry Leadership Launches Consumer Education Initiative


The Pet Leadership Council (PLC) is starting Be Dog Smart, a consumer education initiative designed to help people make smart and informed decisions about dog acquisition, whether by way of a professional breeder, shelter or rescue, pet store, friend or family member. 


The initiative is one core outcome of PLC’s national research project that gauged the public’s current attitude towards the pet care community. Proper education surrounding pet acquisition was identified as an area of importance for consumers.


At the core of the Be Dog Smart initiative is a user-guided website that offers consumers information before bringing home a new puppy or dog, such as costs to consider, important questions to ask and information on identifying responsible breeders, shelters, rescues and pet stores. The website is an unbiased, resource-rich guide that assists consumers throughout the entire dog acquisition process and into dog ownership.


The Be Dog Smart website was developed in partnership with industry experts from a variety of backgrounds, including those involved in responsible breeding, shelter and rescues, animal welfare, academia and others who work to assure the best care and well-being of companion animals. The website’s sole mission is to create more informed consumers at no financial gain for the PLC. 


"Responsible dog acquisition starts with the knowledge to make an informed decision, which is what Be Dog Smart is all about," said Bob Vetere, executive director of the PLC. "By asking the right questions, researching credible sources and demanding transparency from those who provide companion animals, consumers will not only be taking the right steps when welcoming a new dog into the family, but also will build demand for responsible breeders, retailers and shelters."