PetEdge Reveals New Line of Dog Grooming Shears

Boss Pet Products, Inc. and its PetEdge division unveiled the Master Grooming Prestige Shears by Sensei. 

The shears' ergonomics make them easier to hold, allowing professional groomers to groom faster and more efficiently with less fatigue. The line is made with Duralite 440c Japanese stainless steel which is triple-tempered, including -300° Cryogenic tempering. This improves the durability by 40 percent, nearly doubling the life of the edge. 

The patent-pending Zero Gravity Tension System suspends the moving blade between two counter acting springs to achieve a weightless cutting feel and to boost performance over a wider range of tension adjustments. The Reversible leaf spring tension system spreads the pressure out lengthwise to stabilize the blades and make them wear more evenly. Sensei tension systems are also reversible for lefties who use right-handed shears.

The lines' convex blade design allows for sharper and smoother cutting. The shears are available in straight, curved, thinner and chunker styles.

"Hand crafted by the most highly skilled and experienced craftspersons, Master Grooming Prestige Shears offer the quality and craftsmanship of Sensei shears at an amazing price," said Chris Miller, president of Boss Pet Products, Inc.