How Much Are Pet Owners Spending?

Last year might have been challenging for the U.S. economy, but the majority of pet parents (64.7%) still managed to spend between $100 and $500 or more on non-medical needs or supplies, according to a new survey.

The report, A Year in the Life of a Pet Parent, was produced by PetPlace based on the responses of 400 American pet owners. It examines respondents’ behaviors, preferences and routines related to pet ownership and spending.

Of the respondents, 46% identified themselves as dog people, just under 26% said they prefer cats, 16% said they own both types of pets, and approximately 12% said they have another type of pet in mind.

According to officials from PetPlace, treating pets like members of the family means “spending quite a bit of money through a given year” on them. That’s probably why four in 10 owners reported spending more than $500 annually— even discounting for necessities, like veterinary care and food. Some owners were willing to spend much more; one respondent said they “couldn’t name an exact figure, but noted, ‘trust me, she is spoiled.’”

What exactly are owners spending all that cash on? About 74% of respondents said they buy a birthday present for their pet each year. Many (79.4%) also said they plan to include their pets on the holiday shopping list.

Another popular way to spoil pets is with treats. Most owners admitted to either sometimes (52.08%) or often (21.06%) giving their pets treats. Some of those treats even include scraps from the table with 30.08% admitting they can be convinced to give out snacks during meals while 9.4% said they are always ready to offer a handout.

The full report with the survey’s findings can be found here