Natural Dog

Being a pet owner can say a lot about who you are as a person, including how eco-conscious you are—at least according to one recent survey

The poll, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of okocat, found that 94% of 2,000 cat and dog owners in the U.S. are trying to live more sustainably now than they did a year ago. Almost one in five (19%) even say they’ve “radically transformed” their sustainability efforts over the last year. One of the most common changes is choosing more environmentally-friendly pet foods, with 42% of owners making this switch. 

It’s not just food, though; many pet parents are looking for eco-conscious alternatives for all types of pet products. For instance, 46% of owners said they’ve swapped out their traditional waste disposal methods for more sustainable alternatives, like biodegradable poop bags and all-natural litter. Similarly, over half (59%) said they are switching to chemical-free and non-toxic household products.

Recycling is another popular eco-friendly practice among pet parents. Cat owners seem to be the best, with 51% reporting that they recycle frequently or more often, compared to 44% of dog owners. Households with both types of pets, though, struggle with sorting through trash. Just 37% of those respondents say they are recycling more.

However, having more than one type of pet does appear to make pet parents more mindful. Only 33% of owners with both cats and dogs said they’ve never thought about their pet’s impact on the environment, compared to 44% of dog owners and 51% of cat owners.

One way pets can make owners more environmentally conscious is simply by getting their humans outside more. Most dog owners (66%) said that outdoor playtime with their pup has made them more aware of the natural world. 

Read the full results of the survey HERE.