Grasping Gen Y

Every so often, Pet Business offers a look at some notable social media posts from pet specialty retailers, as well as our own commentary on what we think makes these posts work. Here are some recent examples:


Why it works: It is useful to keep up with holidays and events by using cute, funny or endearing photos of pets that are in keeping with that theme. So, on Halloween, what’s better than animals in costumes? This post showcases a funny cat in costume and encourages other pet parents to post their animals in the comments. Even better, many respondents noted that the costumes their pets were wearing were from Petsmart, helping the company spread holiday cheer while promoting its own costume selection. The post also includes the hashtag of the company’s mantra (Anything for Pets), so that the post can be more widely seen and engaged with beyond customers who follow the Petsmart Facebook page. 


Why it works: A short video is a nice break from photos and regular posts on a Twitter feed. This post catches users’ attention with the cute pup and does the job of advertising its products, including the ways customers can save on them. This is all achieved in one 18-second clip, so people don’t become bored and continue scrolling. Still, the caption provides the information and links for an even shorter and simpler way for followers to get the message. 


Why it works: When advertising a product line, you should always aim to include a pet with the product (extra points if they look this happy!), as opposed to just a photo of a bunch of packages lined up on a shelf. Not only do cute pets tend to make people stop and read the caption—or at the least hit the "like" button—showcasing actual pets enjoying your products can help other pet parents better imagine their own animals enjoying the same thing. It never hurts to feature a cute customer on your page who has their own social media following, like Lola here. This can also encourage followers to share their similar positive reviews, and spread the word that the product is a hit.