Girl putting blue bandage on injured dog paw

How much are you willing to spend on your pet’s health? According to a new survey, 61% of pet parents would spend the same, or more, on their pets’ wellness as their own.

The report, produced by RestoraPet in honor of National Pet Wellness Month in October, surveyed over 500 American pet owners between the ages of 16 and 73 about their pet-related spending.

The vast majority of respondents (about 90%) also said that they were willing to spend $100 or more on their pets every month. Over half (55%) said they would spend “whatever it takes” to ensure their pets’ health and happiness. In fact, to give their pets the best quality of life, almost a quarter said they would give up at least two dinners out, eights pints of beer at the bar or 13 cups of coffee from their favorite shop each month.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also appeared to have an impact on pet parents’ financial decisions. Of those surveyed, 43% said their spending on their fur babies has increased since lockdown started.

“It’s no question that our pets are family and their well-being should be top of mind, considering they age faster than we do,” said RestoraPet CEO, Brian Larsen in a statement. “Needless to say, I was moved by the results as pet owners placed equal value on their pet’s health as their own, further demonstrating the need for products like ours to ensure an improved quality of life for pets around the world.”

What exactly do pet parents spend that money on? Most respondents (70%) said they get their pet product recommendations from their vet while 17% take advice from friends and family. Less than 5% said they are swayed by social media influencers and Facebook ads.