The Biggest Myth About Cats and Dogs Dispelled

America might be a democratic republic, but we’re still obsessed with royalty. Maybe that’s why “Princess” is our country’s most popular pet name of all time, according to a new report from

The report reveals findings from an analysis over 25,000 names of animals laid to rest since 1905 in the oldest pet cemetery in the U.S., Hartsdale Pet Cemetery based in Westchester County, N.Y. The findings identify the most popular names and trends that influenced them over past 100 years.

The British aristocracy appears to be a common source of inspiration for pet owners, with names such as “Duke,” “King,” and “Lady” joining Princess as top 10 names throughout the 20th century. The late Princess Diana may be largely responsible for driving use of the royal title, as use of the name Princess rose alongside her stardom in the 1980s and 1990s.

While pets of all kinds have borne the name Princess, it’s been an especially frequent choice for dogs, consistently staying in the top 10 dog names since the 1960s. However, it’s never held the No. 1 spot in any single decade.

The most popular dog names in each decade are:

• 1930s: Queenie

• 1940s: Tippy

• 1950s: Sandy

• 1960s: Lady

• 1970s: Brandy

• 1980s: Max

• 1990s: Max

• 2000s: Max

For cats, the most popular name in the last century is Tiger. Researchers at attribute this to the longtime presence of European tabby cats, with their distinctive tiger-esque striped markings, in America.

The most popular cat names in each decade are:

• 1960s: Cindy

• 1970s: Ginger

• 1980s: Tiger

• 1990s: Smokey

• 2000s: Smokey