What is the Most Satisfying Pet to Own?


Trying to decide on the best first pet for your little one? Skip the cat versus dog debate and go with a rat instead. According to a new study from RightPet, children ages 10-17 enjoyed owning pet rats over any other animal.


The pet product review site surveyed almost 17,000 pet owners from 113 countries between 2010 and 2018 about their satisfaction with various breeds and species of animals. The study also tracked respondents’ personality traits, age, gender and other key markers.


"Many people view their pets as family members. But pets are family members that we get to choose," said Nathan W. Hudson Ph.D. "The RightPet study was designed to understand the extent to which individual differences, such as personality, gender, and age, predict how satisfied people are with different types and breeds of animals as pets."


Other key insights from the report include:


• Women prefer felines over canines, but men like both animals almost equally.


• Dog lovers tend to score higher in openness and curiosity on personality tests than cat enthusiasts.


• Dog owners tend to be more satisfied with their pet if they have a larger breed compared to smaller pups. 


• Men who are less emotionally stable like cats less. However, women love cats regardless of their mood.


• The least popular pet to own (out of 32 types of pets and livestock) are geese and scorpions.