What Will Be the Biggest Pet Trends in 2019?

Do you think you and your pet are two peas in a pod? You’re not the only one. In fact, over half (55%) of Americans say they share personality traits with their pet, according to a OnePoll survey of U.S. pet owners commissioned by ZippyPaws.

Of the 2,000 respondents, 80% said they believe their pet has a “very distinct personality.” Most owners appeared to be especially keen to categorize their pet as intelligent with 64% choosing the adjective “smart” to describe their animal.

Likewise, when faced with a choice between two opposing terms to define their pet’s personality, 64% of owners selected “clever,” while just 24% chose “oblivious.”

Other this-or-that comparisons revealed that American owners see their pets as:

• More friendly (50%) than shy (42%)

• Clingier (50%) than aloof (35%)

• More trusting (57%) than suspicious (31%)

• More hyper (51%) than lazy (30%) 

Just like people, though, pets also often have less-than-desirable traits. For instance, approximately 30% owners said their pet is “anxious.” Another 33% admitted that their animal could be described as a “drama queen.”

Almost half of respondents (48%) said their pet engages in unusual behavior for their size or species, such as large dogs who act like lap dogs or cats who play fetch. Only 20% of owners, though, said they would label their pet as just plain “weird.”

The report also shows how well pet parents seem to know their animal companions. Three-fourths (76%) of owners claimed to know what their pet is thinking just by the look on its face. And of the 57% of respondents who own multiple pets, 80% said they can tell which pet is making a noise, even if they can’t see them.