New Study Reveals Pet Obesity on the Rise

Obesity continues to be a major issue facing pets in America. But which state is home to the plumpest pets? According to a recent survey, Pennsylvania is the top dog at over 54% above the national average.

The survey, conducted by virtual vet clinic One Vet, asked 2,430 pet owners across 42 states to provide their dog’s breed and weight. That average was then compared to the AKC-recommended weight chart to determine the difference.

The top 10 states with the most overweight pups were:

1. Pennsylvania – 18.25 pounds overweight

2. Virginia – 16.67 pounds overweight

3. Wisconsin – 16.38 pounds overweight

4. Georgia – 16.18 pounds overweight

5. West Virginia – 15.66 pounds overweight

6. Connecticut – 15.54 pounds overweight

7. New Hampshire – 14.23 pounds overweight

8. New York – 14.03 pounds overweight

9. Nebraska – 13.73 pounds overweight

10. Tennessee – 13.33 pounds overweight

The home of the fittest pups, according to the survey, was Idaho at just 6.9 pounds overweight. That’s 42% below the national average of 11.83 pounds. Missouri and Texas also fared well at 7.2 pounds and 8.21 pounds overweight on average each.

Broken down by breed, the chubbiest types of dogs were Bulldogs, Beagles, Pugs, Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Maltese and Yorkshire Terriers. All seven are small to medium-sized breeds, which means that just a few extra pounds can make a big difference. Surprisingly, Labrador Retrievers did not make the list even though they are one of the breeds most prone to obesity.