To prevent health issues down the line, customers can take a proactive approach to pet wellness by investing in quality sources of nutrition. 

To capitalize on the potential profits of hemp-based products, retailers need to ensure they’re well-educated on category trends and up-to-date on the latest regulations.

By offering the right mix of services, pet stores can diversify their revenue streams and cultivate a sense of community among their customers.

High-tech pet products can help owners keep their pets busy and ensure a pet’s needs are met. 

Pet bowls have long been a staple of pet ownership, but manufacturers are keeping this category fresh by meeting modern pet parents’ demand for products that blend home décor with healthful benefits.

Grain-inclusive diets for pets have continued to gain momentum as a valuable source of nutrition. 

Now more than ever, consumers are looking to incorporate pet furniture in their homes that both meets the needs of their pets and fits with their style.     

As the pet supplements category experiences rising interest from dog and cat owners, product manufacturers are meeting the demand with innovative, science-based solutions, inspiring consumer trust and strong sales.

In addition to training salon staff, the animals themselves can be trained to improve their disposition in the salon. 

In order to understand the best sort of clippers for groomers, we asked experts in the field to find out what clippers/trimmers they recommend.

With the right approach, pet retailers can turn grooming services into a profit center within their stores.

This collection of CBD and hemp-based products can help pets tackle everyday stressors and feel at peace. 

With 2020 throwing challenge after challenge at retailers, the resilience of independent pet stores across America has been on full display as they’ve shored up their business practices, adjusted to COVID protocols and provided support to their communities when it was needed most.