To make the most of another unconventional holiday season, retailers are as prepared as possible while staying flexible. 

Licensed products can be a powerful sales driver, but only if retailers find the right products to connect with their specific customers. 

For the holidays, or for special occasions year-round, retailers should stock useful, fun products for consumers looking to celebrate a special pet or pet lover in their lives. 

With a solid understanding of their customer demographics, retailers can make better decisions about everything from merchandising to community engagement.

In an increasingly eco-conscious world, pet specialty retailers can more deeply resonate with customers by boosting their sustainable business practices. 

To prevent health issues down the line, customers can take a proactive approach to pet wellness by investing in quality sources of nutrition. 

Pet bowls have long been a staple of pet ownership, but manufacturers are keeping this category fresh by meeting modern pet parents’ demand for products that blend home décor with healthful benefits.

Grain-inclusive diets for pets have continued to gain momentum as a valuable source of nutrition. 

Now more than ever, consumers are looking to incorporate pet furniture in their homes that both meets the needs of their pets and fits with their style.     

While carrying American-made products wields significant buying power, it’s getting more difficult to find products that fully embody the Made in USA seal.

With an array of choices to consider, pet parents are depending on manufacturers to deliver quality chews made from wholesome ingredients.

As consumers become more attuned to their pets’ needs, they’re seeking out the most trustworthy and reliable hemp-based products. 

Injuries are an inevitable part of pet ownership, meaning it’s imperative consumers (and retailers) have the proper products on-hand to combat emergencies.