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The 19th annual Pet Business Industry Recognition Awards celebrate the best products within the pet care category.

As the pet supplements category experiences rising interest from dog and cat owners, product manufacturers are meeting the demand with innovative, science-based solutions, inspiring consumer trust and strong sales.

In addition to training salon staff, the animals themselves can be trained to improve their disposition in the salon. 

In order to understand the best sort of clippers for groomers, we asked experts in the field to find out what clippers/trimmers they recommend.

The holiday season is often an extra-busy time for pet salons, so follow these tips to keep things moving smoothly.

Limited-ingredient diets, which offer nutritional value without unnecessary ingredients, attract pet parents looking to keep their pet’s diet as simple as possible. 

Just like humans, cats wish they could get out more—though these pets are contending with more than just a pandemic. As primarily indoor creatures, cats have their own version of cabin fever and can go just as stir-crazy as the rest of us. Luckily, pet parents are finding solutions in two fo…

With the right approach, pet retailers can turn grooming services into a profit center within their stores.

Pet parents are looking for treats with easily-identifiable ingredients and eco-friendly, sustainable production and packaging. 

As the nutritional needs of small animals vary significantly, and pet parents are seeking wholesome, healthy products, retailers need to be stocked with the appropriate selection.

As the availability of marine livestock is impeded by the COVID-19 pandemic, fish retailers have to get creative when sourcing these aquatic creatures.

This collection of CBD and hemp-based products can help pets tackle everyday stressors and feel at peace. 

This essential bathing equipment helps groomers keep pets squeaky clean and refreshed.