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As consumers become more attuned to their pets’ needs, they’re seeking out the most trustworthy and reliable hemp-based products. 

Injuries are an inevitable part of pet ownership, meaning it’s imperative consumers (and retailers) have the proper products on-hand to combat emergencies. 

Comprehensive software allows grooming salons to offer a more personal experience to clients while improving efficiencies.

The former Global Pet Expo Academy will expand into the new Global Learning Series at Global Pet Expo 2021, with a free lineup open to all attendees. 

As pet parents continue to prioritize their own self-care, they’re turning the same amount of attention to that of their pets.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the ways grooming competitions are being held, there’s still no better time to enter the world of competitive grooming. 

By stocking their stores with tempting on-trend foods and treats, pet specialty retailers can offer effective solutions and relief.

While rabbit care may seem simple, these animals require a lot of attention and have specific nutritional needs. 

Retailers can’t wing it when it comes to understanding the basics behind the products that attract wild birds to backyards.

Matthew Roach, senior director of digital commerce for Animal Supply Company, explains how the pet specialty distributor has helped its retailer partners overcome the challenges presented by COVID-19. 

With winter weather quickly approaching, pet stores should be stocked up with products that will help keep our four-legged friends warm and safe during the chilly season.

Groomers can help pets get moisture-free faster after a bath with these drying products.