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The pandemic forced everyone to alter their lifestyles, and now retailers need to think about the lasting effects it’ll have on pet owners’ lives moving forward. 

With a solid understanding of their customer demographics, retailers can make better decisions about everything from merchandising to community engagement.

No two neighborhoods are the same, so retailers must tailor their selections to match the wants and needs of pet owners in their area.

Raw foods and treats are moving more towards the mainstream, but there is still more work to be done if this category is truly going to heat up. 

To be successful with today’s pet parents, manufacturers and retailers need to keep up with consumers’ changing perceptions of what natural pet foods can do. 

Natural chews for dogs are increasing in popularity as manufacturers pledge to use fewer ingredients with more unique, wholesome options.

Gordon Dumesich, chief growth and marketing officer for Instinct pet foods, discusses how the brand continues to innovate pet nutrition after nearly two decades at the forefront of the raw food movement.

Karyn A. Cook, global marketing director for API, explains has how the company’s commitment to producing high-quality products and education is contributing to the revitalization of the aquarium hobby.

With so many types of cat carriers on the market, staying up-to-date on the latest trends is more important than ever.  

This collection of products for active pets encourages exercise for pets of all shapes and sizes. 

Pets and pet parents alike will enjoy this collection of useful, comfortable and stylish products for the home. 

Pets and their owners can show off their unique sense of style with these fashionable and functional pet products. 

This collection of treats for dogs and cats offer a variety of nutritional benefits.  

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