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As pet owners become more open to ingredients sourced from other countries, the industry still has a long way to go as the Made in USA hold remains quite strong and consumers remain uneducated about the often-superior benefits of foreign sourcing. 

The right drying process can have a big impact on a groomer’s finished product, so it is important to understand the best techniques for various coat types.

These first-aid and wound care products aim to help pets feel as comfortable as possible after an injury or ailment. 

As dog owners become more informed about grain-free foods and treats, and as manufacturers come out with more appealing recipes and a plethora of options, category sales are speeding up. 

After a break from industry trade shows, the 2021 edition of SuperZoo was a long-awaited opportunity for pet professionals to reconnect with peers, see some of the newest innovations and learn about the latest trends.   

There’s a lot more to taking care of rabbits than customers might realize, and it’s up to retailers to inform them about rabbit essentials. 

Michael Leung, co-founder and lead product designer for Sleepypod, explains how a commitment to safety and attention to details has made the company a clear leader in the pet travel category.

Wahl ELITE Educator Lisa Leady shares her tips for handling aggressive dogs in her salon and how she calms nervous pups to prevent aggression from surfacing.

Trickling down from the human market for CBD products, popularity within this care category for pets has been rapidly rising, and ellePet is ready to serve retailers with its veterinarian-backed solutions.  

With the right products on hand, groomers can ensure that pets have the most relaxing, stress-free groom possible. 

A variety of products in a wide range of categories were honored in the SuperZoo New Product Showcase Awards. Here are the items that took top honors.

Pet stores have a great opportunity to capitalize on the growing number of backyard bird watchers who are seeking out high-quality products to attract feathered friends. 

To ensure pets are comfortable in cold weather, retailers should offer a variety of winter essentials to help them stay safe and warm.   

More customers view treating their pets to a spa day as not just a way to maintain a pet’s hygiene, but as an integral part of maintaining their overall health. 

With cat ownership on the upswing, retailers should ensure they are investing in the feline diet category to ensure they meet consumer demand.