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In a year marked by a worldwide pandemic, a volatile economic picture, social unrest and even natural disasters, the pet industry’s biggest retail chains continued to thrive by leveraging their unique strengths while developing new channels to reach customers.

As customers learn more about functional treats, retailers have a chance to step in and personally direct them to the safest, most effective products available. 

To capitalize on the potential profits of hemp-based products, retailers need to ensure they’re well-educated on category trends and up-to-date on the latest regulations.

Global Pet Expo Digital Access will provide the best components of the pet industry’s premier event in the safety of your home or office.

Pet Store Pro’s new features make it easier for busy retailers to put an effective employee training program into gear. 

By prioritizing innovation, Skout’s Honor has flourished as a leading natural pet specialty brand. 

Bryan Nieman, brand director at Fromm Family Foods, discusses the company’s latest advances in pet nutrition, including the introduction of a new canine diet that harnesses the power of ancient grains.

Andrew Tippin, marketing manager for ZIWI USA, Inc., discusses the company’s commitment to supporting the health and longevity of pets, people and the environment through sustainable practices and charitable efforts. 

Freeze-dried foods and snacks offer customers convenient, safe and healthy options to satisfy their dogs’ needs. 

Dogs and their humans are closer than ever, meaning that more pet parents are turning to between-bath products that ensure pets stay clean and smelling fresh. 

As cats increasingly head outdoors, retailers should be prepared to meet their unique needs as well as owners’ safety concerns. 

Ferrets are curious and social creatures that require specific products for comprehensive care. 

With a variety of enclosure options, it’s imperative to keep an animal’s specific needs in mind. 

Pet stores can—and should­—offer a variety of products to make traveling safer and more secure for feathered family members.

This assortment of products helps prevent fleas and ticks from sticking to pets.