Tell us about Superior Farms Pet Provisions and its Bark & Harvest brand.  What types of products do you offer? What sets you apart from your competitors? We specialize in meat-based treat products that are responsibly-sourced and produced under strict Global Food Safety Initiative quality-assurance standards. 


Why is taking a sustainable approach to producing products at a human-grade level important to Superior Farms’? What are some of the features of that approach? As an employee-owned company, we feel it is important to help make the world a better place while conducting business on a daily basis. For example, we recognize many of the inherent problems associated with “factory” farming and choose to instead support thousands of family farmers in our mission to supply lamb for human consumption. We have a goal of zero-waste production, and our California plant derives 95 percent of its power from wind and solar energy.


What are some of Superior Farms’ best-selling products? What makes these products popular with pets and their owners? Our biggest successes in the past year has been the introduction of the HydeOut line of products. If you’re a Baby Boomer, you can probably remember a time when rawhide was the most popular treat in the country. Unlike rawhide, we use only cheek skin for our HydeOut products. These products are cleaned naturally with hydrogen peroxide, the safety of which can best be explained by using its chemical designation: H2O2. Just like water, the hydrogen and oxygen evaporate when the treat is baked, bringing a safer process than what has been used on rawhide.


Aside from offering a lineup of high-quality products, how does Superior Farms help drive sales in pet stores? What types of sales and marketing support does the company provide? We recognize that retailers face tremendous competition. For this reason, we constantly strive to provide innovative products and services that make retailers more competitive. For example, we are offering 50 percent off of the first dropship order of HydeOut products in partnership with Animal Supply Company. Animal Supply Company passes on lower handling costs in the price of orders we send via courier to pet stores, and we get to pass on 100 percent of our promotional spending in the form of free product to help retailers be more competitive.


What does the future hold for Superior Farms? Do you currently have any new products in the pipeline? We’re getting close to launching a complete and balanced meal-replacement bar for dogs called a PowerStick. We envision pet parents carrying one in their pocket when on a walk to their local dog park or packing several while on long hike outdoors. We’ve found a way to make it from 80 percent meat. This will mean twice the protein per ounce than what you’d find in similar power bars sold for human consumption.  PB