Skouts Honor

Back in 2015, there wasn’t much regulation when it came to household cleaning products. To be effective, these products relied on volatile organic chemicals (VOC) to clean surfaces. 

“There were a couple efforts (from companies) to [create] safer, more natural solutions, but most of them were small-time operations that sacrificed efficacy and power to get the job done,” says Pete Stirling, president and CEO at Skout’s Honor. 

Then, California introduced the California Green Chemistry initiative, which dramatically raised the health and safety standards in the state. 

“Suddenly, the best and brightest from the biggest companies in the game were diving into development and producing some truly revolutionary ingredients,” Stirling recalls. 

During this time, the proprietary ingredient in the Skout’s Honors cleaning products, BioKore, was created. According to Stirling, “it has far better cleaning power than traditional methods with no detectable VOCs, but it is also biodegradable and made from up-cycled industrial biomass waste.” 

Thus, Skout’s Honor first products were created. Today, the company has grown into an innovative, natural pet specialty brand that offers a vast range of household cleaning products, along with grooming, wellness, sanitizing, training, and flea and tick solutions. 

Skout’s Honor is dedicated to respecting this initiative, and all of its products are manufactured under the California Green Chemistry initiative to this day. The company prioritizes creating products that are non-toxic, rapidly biodegradable, eco-friendly and free of harsh chemicals. 

For example, some of the company’s most recent innovations include its new pet wellness line, which debuted last year at Global Pet Expo. The line includes its Probiotic Ear Cleaner, Probiotic Itch Relief, Probiotic Hot Spot Hydrogel and Prebiotic Pet Balm, which feature active ingredients like topical probiotics, prebiotics, manuka honey, aloe, oatmeal and algin. 

Skout’s Honor also unveiled its Topical Sanitizing Products line in the Summer 2020, which includes its Paw + Hand Sanitizer, Topical Sanitizing Spray and Topical Sanitizing Spray Refill. The products, which are safe to use on hands, paws and body, kill 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria.


Honor System

Skout’s Honor has a simple mission: “curate the best technologies and create products that greatly improve the experience of living with and loving our pets.” As a result, the company has plans to continue expanding its product line, and to discover the latest and greatest technologies out there to bring to pet parents. 

“Staying true to our mission has been the secret to the company’s success,” says Stirling. “We’ve always considered our products to be the equivalent of ‘love in a bottle,’ because they take the burden out of some of pet ownership’s most arduous tasks and give the pet parent the ability to spend more time loving their pet.” 

The company doesn’t take this responsibility lightly and ensures that all of its products meet a customer’s expectations to the fullest. 

“At the end of the day, it boils down to whether the product works well or not,” says Stirling. “Ninety-nine percent of what we do is make amazing products that do what they promise to do. The other one percent is making it look good enough that the customer will actually pick it up and take it home.”  

On top of offering top-quality products, Stirling also attributes the company’s success to its dedicated employees. 

“Everyone here believes in what we do, and that passion comes to life in our product and the level of service we offer,” he says. 


Giving Back

On top of providing customers with safe, reliable products, the company has always been focused on how it can give back. Since its inception, the Skout’s Honor team has brainstormed ways to support its community and pets in need. 

“We wanted it to be something meaningful that gave both our customers and our employees the satisfaction of knowing that each purchase made a direct impact on the health and happiness of an animal in need,” says Stirling. 

To accomplish this, the company partnered with Rescue Bank, an organization that directly brings food to animals in need. Every bottle Skout’s Honor sells donates a day’s worth of food to an animal in need, as a result of its Paw Pledge. 

“Rescue Bank is an amazing organization, born out of a need to get food to shelters, and a great cause worthy of our support,” he says. “To date the paw pledge has provided well over six million meals to animals in need and the number continues to grow.” 

In addition to its work to give back to animals in need, the company stepped up this past year to assist its retail partners as they faced unprecedented circumstances. To help, Skout’s Honor listened to  retail partners concerns and stepped in to support them in any way possible. 

“I think what really sets us apart is our company’s dedication to pet retail,” says Stirling.  

For instance, the company spent most of April and May last year diverting hand sanitizer away from mass retail to make sure its pet retailers had enough supply. At that time especially, pet retailers needed to provide a safe environment for customers and staff. 

“We have always focused our energy on the success of pet retailers,” says Stirling, “so we never had to prioritize another channel or consider an option that didn’t put the pet retailer first.”


Focusing on the Future

After recently re-locating to Oceanside, Calif., the company consolidated its operations under one roof—a move that will enable it to continue producing top-notch service and continue creating new innovations. 

So, what’s next for Skout’s Honor? The company has a few innovations in the pipeline, which will come out later this year, including the new Natural Flea and Tick Collection launching this spring. Additional Stain & Odor and Training Essential products, (such as its Severe Mess, Pee Pad Refresher and Stop Marking! Spray) and its new Probiotic Grooming and Wellness items, such as its Probiotic Paw Spray, will also be introduced. 

“We’re also actively building a robust private-label program and professional services (bulk product) offerings for pet specialty customers who offer grooming, training and wellness services,” Stirling adds. “It is the mission of Skout’s Honor to constantly be innovating and improving the quality of life for our customers and their pets.”  PB