Given the vital role that the right nutrition plays in a pet’s health, it’s no surprise that Independent Pet Partners (IPP) made “Nourishment” the foundation and first of its 5 Pillars of Pet Wellness®. To achieve wellness through food, IPP believes each diet should be unique, with the goal of helping pets thrive, live longer and to help prevent foreseeable conditions–and the company is providing the resources pet parents need to deliver such diets to their animal companions.  

The company’s Food Finder, for example, is a quiz-based tool born from the belief in rotational diets to meet the unique needs of companion animals and a desire to help pet parents customize their pets’ bowls in an engaging, interactive and specific manner.  

“The advice of our team members, the Food Finder tools and educational content we make available in our store communications and online complement our mission to make pet parenting simpler, smart, social and fun,” explains Tricia Nichols, chief marketing officer at IPP.

While IPP’s retail banners stock a plethora of pet food and treat brands, there is a certain criteria in place to discern which manufacturers meet the company’s high standards. 

Brad Kriser, chief education officer, describes IPP’s assortment as a variety of high-quality, healthy solutions in the bowl for a variety of needs, such as senior diets, special digestive needs, raw eaters, hydration needs and special diets for puppies, kittens, etc. 

To name just a few of the criteria IPP utilizes when deciding which brands to partner with, Kriser points to a commitment to quality ingredients, transparent sourcing, a focus on independent pet stores, sustainability,  a focus on social good, and a desire to continue to elevate the pet nutrition experience and offerings. Additionally, the brands are regularly met with and audited to make sure that they are continuing to adhere to the highest standards.  

“One of the most important things we can do as a trusted retailer and educator is to work with and focus our attention on the brands that produce the best quality products with the highest integrity,” Kriser says. “We have focused our attention to a core set of brands that we can work closely with to create a synergistic experience that gives our customers broad variety while allowing our team to be educated on those brands and be able to speak to them on a high level to give our customers the best nutrition possible for each individual.”

This wide array of brands allows the IPP team to work with customers individually to determine what specific balance will most benefit their pet and fit into their lifestyle. Kriser emphasizes the fact that pet nutrition is not one-size-fits-all, which is why IPP’s approach relies on both listening to and educating customers about how to enhance their pet’s nutrition and keeping a dialogue flowing to fully understand the needs and desires of both pet and parent.