To make the most of another unconventional holiday season, retailers are as prepared as possible while staying flexible. 

Licensed products can be a powerful sales driver, but only if retailers find the right products to connect with their specific customers. 

Ryan Yamka, PhD, co-founder of Guardian Pet Food Company and board-certified companion animal nutritionist, discusses how the company is innovating the way high-quality nutrition is delivered to pets with unique product formats and a science-based approach to formulation. 

Pam Mills,  marketing manager for Uckele Health & Nutrition, explains how a nutrition-focused approach to branded products and contract manufacturing makes the company a great partner for pet stores.

As pet parents demand wholesome products that optimize animal health, food formulas for canines are facing greater scrutiny. 

This collection of healthcare products and supplements help pets live their happiest and healthiest lives.

In many ways, the EarthWise Pet retail and service chain has been more than 40 years in the making, but its leadership has its sights firmly set on the forces that will shape the future of neighborhood pet stores.

There aren’t many pet retailers who would have guessed that a worldwide pandemic would turn their world upside down and make e-commerce a requirement for staying in business. EarthWise Pet, however, was prepared for the turbulence. 

Trusting individuals to represent your brand in a positive and impactful way is no small task, but with the right business model and the right franchisees, it can exponentially grow your business. This has been EarthWise Pet’s experience, as the pet retail and service brand first started fra…

For the holidays, or for special occasions year-round, retailers should stock useful, fun products for consumers looking to celebrate a special pet or pet lover in their lives. 

Here’s a look at the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council’s accomplishments and updates from 2020. 

Stephen Ratner, co-founder and president of The Delray Dog Company, explains how the company is combining fun and function with its inaugural line of U.S.-sourced treats, which feature only two ingredients—a single protein and a fruit topper.

Propelled by products designed to inspire purchasing and play, the chew toy category continues to experience strong sales.

Since its inception in 1987, Boxiecat’s founders, managers and employees strive to provide felines of all breeds with environmentally friendly litter.