The pandemic forced everyone to alter their lifestyles, and now retailers need to think about the lasting effects it’ll have on pet owners’ lives moving forward. 

With a solid understanding of their customer demographics, retailers can make better decisions about everything from merchandising to community engagement.

No two neighborhoods are the same, so retailers must tailor their selections to match the wants and needs of pet owners in their area.

To be successful with today’s pet parents, manufacturers and retailers need to keep up with consumers’ changing perceptions of what natural pet foods can do. 

Founded by a pet industry veteran with unique insight on the needs of pets, pet owners and pet product retailers, H&C Animal Health has built a deep portfolio of leading pet care brands across a variety of health and wellness categories.

Retailers need the right strategies for building, marketing and merchandising product sets that deliver the type of high-quality nutrition that discerning pet owners want for their animal companions.

In an increasingly eco-conscious world, pet specialty retailers can more deeply resonate with customers by boosting their sustainable business practices. 

As pet parents move away from over-processed pet products, they’re turning to natural, more holistic supplements and remedies. 

When pets decide to venture outside of home and yard boundaries, effective identification solutions can make the difference in bringing them home safely. 

This creative category presents a vast amount of opportunities for retailers to encourage impulse purchases and increase sales. 

The latest edition of the APPA National Pet Owners Survey reveals significant post-pandemic changes for the pet care industry. 

This cute, creative cut is a great example of how freestyle haircuts can allow a groomer to have fun and add character to a groom.

These manufacturers are committed to providing natural products for pets while offering eco-friendly solutions for the Earth. 

Whether for house-training or for travel, these pet carriers offer a safe and secure place for pets. 

With a clear understanding of the wants and needs of pets and their owners—and a tightly controlled supply chain that is designed to deliver—the CEO of Chasing our Tails has formulated a winning approach to producing single- and limited-ingredient dog chews and treats.