Female business owners and executives share how they have found success in the pet industry, and how the industry as a whole can support the female leaders of tomorrow. 

Pet parents are seeking the ideal chews for their individual dogs’ needs, and are looking to retailers for guidance. 

The pandemic has severely impacted the manufacture, supply and sales of U.S.-made products while consumer demand continues to grow. 

Leo&Lucky’s CEO Patrick McGinnis reflects on over a decade’s worth of hard work, passion and success in an ever-evolving industry. 

Interactive toys and puzzles don’t just keep dogs mentally stimulated, active and engaged, they help foster an even stronger bond between owner and pet.

As more families welcome cats into their homes, retailers should offer a range of calming solutions to help these pets regulate stress. 

As extensive research studies are released and new products hit the market, expect supplements and wellness products to increase in popularity.

Roman Shpak, senior brand executive at Kormotech, parent company of Optimeal, talks about bringing one of Europe’s premier pet food brands to the United States.

This collection of oral care products can help pets maintain strong, healthy teeth. 

To ensure pets are comfortable in cold weather, retailers should offer a variety of winter essentials to help them stay safe and warm.   

With cat ownership on the upswing, retailers should ensure they are investing in the feline diet category to ensure they meet consumer demand. 

More customers view treating their pets to a spa day as not just a way to maintain a pet’s hygiene, but as an integral part of maintaining their overall health. 

As pet owners become more open to ingredients sourced from other countries, the industry still has a long way to go as the Made in USA hold remains quite strong and consumers remain uneducated about the often-superior benefits of foreign sourcing.