Franpos 1-19-21

It may not seem it, but the time you spend in administrative task management and logistics for your pet store can be some of the most valuable time you have.

It’s often said that greatness is not defined by what is seen in the day-to-day, but what isn’t—the same could not be truer for your pet store management. Inventory reconciliation, in particular, is critical, as it helps you know what you have, what you don’t, what you need to order, and what’s wasted space on your shelves.

Here’s what you need to know about pet store inventory and how to save priceless hours in reconciliation.


How Inventory Can Get the Best of You

Most pet store owners know the difficulty of getting a business off the ground and have first-hand experience with the byzantine task of item stocking and management. This could not be more exemplified by the manual inventory configuration many point-of-sale systems require owners and staff to complete.

Manual inventory configuration (or reconciliation) forces you to do a whole lot of counting, ensuring that your business has proper oversight over the current inventory. This can result in far more lost time and productivity than you realize.

Even if your existing point-of-sale system uses a more automatic system, there is still the task of synchronizing your inventory with any online sales you may have. Otherwise, you may sell product you don’t have—causing nothing but headaches for you and your customers.


Inventory Made Smarter

To better conduct business with large inventory systems, you need to make your inventory management smarter with tools designed to help you grow your business. You can radically reduce your time spent in inventory management by employing an automated inventory processor.

With automated inventory processing, all online sales are directly deducted from your master inventory. Additionally, every transaction in-store will be deducted from your total inventory count.

As sales are conducted in-store, online and over the phone, a smarter inventory management engine such as Franpos will automatically deduct your inventory numbers with every purchase made to ensure your stock counts are accurate. 

This all-in-one solution protects owners from making miscalculations while providing one streamlined inventory count—virtually eliminating the sorts of financial mishaps and inventory misunderstandings that can negatively impact your business.

And, with a Franpos Commerce Platform, all inventory is synchronized with a seamless online site for you. Any time a customer orders a product, your inventory is deducted immediately and accurately reflected on your reports. Thus, customers will be prevented from ordering items that are not available while your employees stay in the know about what needs re-stocking.


Final Thoughts 

Pet shop inventory systems are vital to the success of the business. Instead of hand-calculating inventories at the end of every business day, owners and employees can utilize an automatic inventory processor such as Franpos to save time performing the vital administrative tasks that will set your store up for success. 

Whether the sale was made in person or online, your inventories can be automatically deducted from your master stock amounts. That means less time in spreadsheets and more time growing the business you love.