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Many people enter the pet industry to form communal relationships with those local to their businesses—working hard to develop genuine connections not only with customers but with their pets as well!

That’s why it’s no surprise that many pet owners struggle when they find themselves at a difficult intersection between their passions and their business acumen.

At the end of the day, pet store owners cannot continue to provide for their community without finances to keep the doors open. Marketing, upselling, and finding new ways to profit from customers isn’t often part of the allure of doing business, but it is critical nonetheless.

Not sure how to drive sales higher or what that may look like? Perhaps the most cost-effective means of driving sales and streamlining your business can come from investments into your point of sale and commerce technologies. However, there are also things you can do simply by changing the way you interact with your customers!

Consider these ways you can increase ticket sizes and raise revenues for your business today.


The Product Upsell During the Service

Have a salon side of your business or focus exclusively on the pet salon industry? The inherent trust customers place in your hands by offering their pets up for a grooming means makes you uniquely qualified to offer superior products during the service itself.

Consider offering free trials of products such as shampoos or conditioners to customers and their pets during a scheduled grooming session. The net cost of the small amount of product given away for free may more than cover itself—as customers take their pets home as see just how great your products are!

During their next grooming session, you may end up finding your customers more willing to purchase better products for their pets after seeing that you were forthright about quality and offered a trial for free!


Upselling Through Customer Assistance

When walking through your store, you may come up to your customers and ask them if they may need assistance as they browse. This seemingly banal action can be tapped for some unrealized profit potential if used correctly.

Say a customer needs assistance looking for dog food. You may be able to reply with something similar to the following:

“Our dog food is over on aisle six next to the dog vitamins. You may also want to check those out as well!”

Mentioning a product without diving into a high-pressure sales pitch gives your customers the agency to look into your products for themselves, and possibly consider a purchase they may not otherwise have had you not mentioned it to them!


Final Thoughts

Few people enjoy the prospect of driving revenue from customers—many of which they may know and trust.

However, by tying the upselling and revenue-driving process to a genuine value-add for your customers, you’re ensuring that all parties involved benefit—not just your business. And, when these upsell methodologies are paired with powerful technology, you’ll find raising revenues becomes easier than ever!