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Finding various avenues to reach new and existing customers is crucial business acumen not only in the pet industry, but in entrepreneurship in general. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that diversification of revenue is critical in surviving upheaval and disarray in the markets.

Still, the tenacity of the pet industry remains clear. Pet ownership, the morale of pet owners, and adoptions are all skyrocketing. Revenue growth potential remains for the pet industry—albeit in nontraditional methods that present unique challenges for owners. As continued economic disruption would suggest, adaptation and remote access to a customer base is critical.


The Mobile Space for Pet Owners

It is well worth noting that the exploding mobile eCommerce space continues to be an untapped market for independent storeowners and franchises alike in the pet space. Online-only retailers and service providers, such as Chewy and Wag, have built billion-dollar companies by leveraging and exploiting the power of phone space.

Claiming mobile space on your customers’ devices allows business owners to reduce the friction between an impulse and a purchase. For example, customers looking to order more pet food need to be able to open your branded application and purchase products with their tokenized credit card in a matter of seconds.

Competition in the online space remains fierce, with nearly half of all sales in the industry channeled through two vendors. Still, mobile eCommerce sales encompass well over half of sales online. Entering this rapidly growing space not only takes advantage of the current zeitgeist, it enables storeowners to prepare for the future.


Managing Mobile Sales

Most business owners perceive their eCommerce and in-store sales as two distinct aspects of their business. This is often true for many, but through a commerce platform and innovative point-of-sale solution like Franpos, sales on mobile applications, websites and various in-store locations are synchronized automatically.

Mobile sales may also be tied to either third-party or internal delivery. Through the Franpos platform, pet supplies can be delivered through Postmates or sent to the store nearest the delivery address for internal delivery. In both cases, inventory is entirely trackable, synchronized and available at a glance from the back end.

Mobile sales solutions present a dual-pronged solution for pet store owners. The first is the ability to reach a wider audience and reduce friction between impulse and final sale.

The second is the ability to manage mobile sales effortlessly through a cloud-based point-of-sale platform, such as Franpos. This ability enables storeowners to further extend their reach without increased labor costs.

The end result is a complete value-add to business owners who are able to thrive in a fiercely competitive space and in a volatile market.