With the right products on hand, groomers can ensure that pets have the most relaxing, stress-free groom possible. 

Wahl ELITE Educator Lisa Leady shares her tips for handling aggressive dogs in her salon and how she calms nervous pups to prevent aggression from surfacing.

To effectively manage a grooming business, it’s imperative to work closely with staff to ensure everyone has a positive experience.  

Every grooming professional needs to have an arsenal of tools at their disposal, but some pieces of equipment may have more uses than groomers realize. 

With help from these tubs and bathing systems, groomers can thoroughly clean pets and ensure they're safe and comfortable. 

Because there are so many perspectives on what a puppy cut actually is or how it should be done, it is important that groomers know what their clients are looking for when asking for this trim. 

These tables and lifts allow groomers to provide a safe grooming experience, for pets and for themselves. 

It may take time and patience to help dogs feel comfortable during grooming, but the extra effort will pay dividends in the long run. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly altered the way groomers need to think about salon safety. 

These first-aid and healthcare products can help alleviate a variety of pet ailments. 

Taking care of a pet’s health from the outside—whether it’s through the skin and coat or with oral care—benefits a pet’s overall wellness. 

This collection of shampoos and conditioners will leave pets fresh, clean and ready to style.

Professional groomers should consider these 10 tips for reducing the stress that grooming puts on their bodies.