The holiday season is often an extra-busy time for pet salons, so follow these tips to keep things moving smoothly.

The “Doodle” craze is here to stay, so it is important that professional groomers are prepared to help pet parents keep these canines' coats well-maintained.

This Chihuahua/Poodle mix named Gus provides a great example of how mixed-breed dogs give professional groomers an opportunity to get creative and bring out the personalities of our canine clients.

While grooming a dog in a full show coat can be intimidating, the techniques involved can be applied on a wide variety of breeds.

While the Kerry Blue Terrier may rarely be seen in some salons, being prepared to successfully groom this breed if and when they walk through your door is sure to make you stand out.

A personality trim, like the one demonstrated on Shay, a Pomeranian mixed breed, can provide groomers with an opportunity to exercise their creativity by incorporating elements from various pure-breed styles.

Reilly the Toy Poodle represents a great example of how professional groomers can bring a little personality to a breed commonly seen in the salon.

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