Annamaet Petfoods Inc. reintroduced its Canine Companion treat line, now featuring an improved packaging design and degradable bags. 

Annamaet’s Salcha Treat, Aqualuk Treat and Lean Treat have transitioned to a new, modern packaging design, updated to match the look and feel of Annamaet’s growing range of food and supplement formulas. The updated bags are made with BioFlex materials, designed to convert what would be trash into clean, renewable, sustainable energy as it breaks down within today’s modern landfill environments.

Annamaet is continuing its partnership with BioFlex, following the introduction of eco-friendly bags to all of their dog and cat food formulas in 2019.

“One of our biggest goals is to put the same amount of thought and care into what we feed our dogs, as we do with how we preserve and protect our planet,” said Robert Downey, founder and president of Annamaet Petfoods Inc. “We are excited to expand our eco-friendly bags into Canine Companion Treat line, taking us one step closer to a more sustainable pet industry.”

Annamaet Canine Companion treats are meat-based, baked treats, complete with the same balanced nutrition found in Annamaet’s grain-free food formulas. The grain-free Salcha treat is made with cage-free, low ash chicken and fortified with vitamins and minerals including L-carnitine, a natural amino acid which helps maintain lean muscle mass and supports healthy cognitive function. The grain-free Aqualuk treat is made with wild-caught salmon and herring, and added functional ingredients like algae, a stable and sustainable source of omega-3 fatty acids. The Annamaet Lean treat is a reduced fat option for dogs with weight concerns and balanced with nutritional benefits like DHA to support brain function and prebiotics to naturally aid in digestion.