Fiber for Dogs

Bern Dog Brand Products, LLC unveiled new packaging for its flagship product, Fiber for Dogs, in both 6 oz. and 12 oz. sized BPA-free jars. The updated look also has a bonus of a free measuring scoop included in every jar, so dog lovers can be confident of a perfectly measured portion every time.

Fiber for Dogs' new packaging began entering the market in June of this year with the unveiling of the new 12 oz. packaged product and will begin entering the market in July 2021 with the new 6 oz. packaged product. The new packaging features elements designed to highlight how the product supports a dog’s digestive health and focuses the eye on the cornerstone powders customers have come to depend upon from Fiber for Dogs.

“Psyllium, a time-honored supplement recommended for years by veterinarians to help dogs with diarrhea, constipation and anal gland issues, combined with dehydrated beet root powder which improves digestion and helps dogs absorb the nutrients they need from food and improve the growth of intestinal flora, provides an effective, quick acting, simple and safe solution to help dogs with occasional and recurring intestinal issues,” said Bernard Distler, founder of Bern Dog Products LLC and Fiber for Dogs. “It’s our hope that our new packaging, combined with a free measuring scoop, will be helpful and appealing to our present, long term and future dog-loving customer base.”