Champion Petfoods ACANA and ORIJEN Wet Foods

Champion Petfoods unveils two new lines of wet dog food; ACANA Premium Chunks Wet Dog Food, and ORIJEN Premium Wet Dog Food in Canada.

New ACANA Premium Chunks Wet Dog Food provides 85%* premium animal ingredients and is balanced with 15% visible fruits and vegetables. The recipes are made in a delicious, savory bone broth to provide flavor and can be fed as a fully balanced, standalone meal or paired with ACANA dry dog food as a delicious topper. The food, which is rich in moisture and features a satisfying texture dogs love, comes in six new recipes, including poultry, lamb, duck, beef, and pork, as well as a puppy pâté.

New ORIJEN Premium Wet Dog Food is the ultimate in Biologically Appropriate dog nutrition. The food uses 95%* premium animal ingredients from WholePrey sources, including meat or poultry, as well as organs and bones for essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Dogs will love the large shreds of real meat! The recipes are available in several recipes, including:

  • Original recipe featuring chicken, turkey, and eggs
  • Chicken recipe featuring chicken and eggs
  • Puppy recipe featuring chicken, turkey and fish