Choice Pet Products

Choice Pet Products added Superior Farms Pet Provisions to its distribution portfolio.

Superior Farms Pet Provisions offers all-natural pet treats that are made in the U.S. from 100 percent lamb, beef, turkey, pork or venison meat. The company’s Bark & Harvest products include natural chews such as beef trachea, turkey tendons, pork pizzle and lamb ear. Its HydeOut Cheek Chips and Cheek Rolls are made from beef cheek, which offers a safer alternative to traditional rawhide. Superior Farms Pet Provision’s newest products are BeautyStix and BeautySpringzmade from Corium, which is the bottom layer of beef skin, they are 75 percent collagen and more digestible than rawhide.

“Choice Pet Products has built their brand around highlighting great brands that use quality ingredients and manufacturing processes to create products that are safe, healthy and highly palatable," said Bob Sledzinski, vice president of vendor management. “Superior Farms is a perfect fit for our brand, and we are excited to partner with them to bring their innovative line of pet chews to our retailers.”