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Global Widget, manufacturer and distributor of premium CBD products and parent company of Hemp BombsNature's ScriptPerfect Paws Hemp, opened its new in-house quality control lab. 

The lab will help ensure the 1,000-plus SKUs the company produces meets the highest quality, efficacy and compliance standards.

The laboratory, housed in the company's Tampa, Fla. headquarters, will test both raw ingredients and finished CBD products, which are then retested by the largest third-party laboratory in Florida. The company then posts the results online for consumers, distributors and retailers to view.

Completed earlier this year, the 1,000-square-foot quality control lab uses some of the same standard equipment found in many third-party testing labs across the nation. The company's quality control team now includes seven employees, including food scientists, research and development specialists, formulators and quality assurance managers.

All raw materials, such as the industrial hemp used during the company's in-house extraction process, are immediately quarantined when they first arrive. Samples of each ingredient are tested in the new lab and compared against established specifications, making sure they are free of harmful additives or other impurities. Only then are the materials released into production.

"This is part of our ongoing strategy to invest heavily in the area of compliance," said Margaret Richardson, chief compliance officer at Global Widget. "We've provided our in-house quality control team with the equipment and support they need to make sure that everything we produce meets the highest quality standards for purity and potency and that all product specifications match what is listed on our labels."